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It is authorized by Xingfa General Aluminum Factory to supply genuine xingfa aluminum door products in Ho Chi Minh area and the whole country.

We specialize in consultancy, design, manufacture and installation of civil works, villas, resorts, hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings and national scale projects.

As the only unit using Soudal glue imported from the Kingdom of Belgium more than 50 years of development has the characteristics of UV protection, permanent resilience after curing, resistant to temperatures from -60 to 120 degrees C. Factory scale> 1000m2 equipped with imported modern lines always ensure the best inspection process to meet all needs of customers when using products. In addition to the indispensable element is the human. With a team of highly qualified engineers with 2 to 8 years of experience trained by the standards of the manufacturer we are confident to bring satisfaction to customers. nationwide


Aluminum Door - Xingfa Aluminum Door: The whole profile bar is imported genuine warranty 5 years surface powder coated in combination with accessories KINLONG warranty 2 years

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